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Corn Snake

Latin name: Elaphe guttata
Native to: United States
Maximum size: 4-6 feet
Approximate life span: 10-15 years

Corn Snakes are one of the most popular snakes kept by beginners and experienced keepers. They have a very gentle nature, are easy to care for, and the prices are very affordable. There is a wide range of different color morphs available on the market. All Corn Snakes are listed under the same Latin name.

Enclosure for a Corn Snake
A 10-gallon reptile tank or larger should be provided for juveniles. A 20L reptile tank is well suited for adults. Plenty of hiding places must be provided as well as climbing branches. They are notorious escape artists. Use a locking screen cover.

Temperature and Humidity for a Corn Snake
Daytime temperatures are 80-85 degrees F. Do not let nighttime temperatures drop below 75-80 degrees F. A relative humidity of 30-40% can be achieved by misting your snake for 30-45 seconds each day.

Heating for a Corn Snake
Reptiles need to regulate their body temperature. The use of an Under Tank Heater (UTH) placed at one end of the enclosure is recommended. The snake can move on and off the heat source as needed. Always use at least one thermometer to be certain the optimum temperature is reached.

Lighting for a Corn Snake
The use of UVA full spectrum reptile lighting is necessary for the psychological well being of all reptiles and amphibians. Provide a photo period of at least 10 hours a day. A plug-in timer works well to achieve this. UVB is not necessary.

Food and Water for a Corn Snake
Mice are the main food source of Corn Snakes. They are also known for eating small frogs and lizards. A single food item should not be larger than the snake’s girth. Juveniles should be fed weekly, while adults can eat every 2 weeks. Do not feed a snake in the living quarters. This will condition your snake to strike at your hands in hunger when entering the cage. Do not pick up the snake with the scent of other animals on your hands or clothing. Provide a large sturdy dish for fresh water, always.

Recommended Items for a Corn Snake
• Appropriately sized reptile tank
• Reptile bark, carpet or shavings
• UTH heater and UVA bulb/fixture
• Large, shallow water dish
• Thermometer and humidity gauge
• Grape vines, hiding den, artificial plants
• Mister/spray bottle
• Timer for daytime lights
• Vitamin/mineral supplement powder
• Container for feeding (large tote, aquarium)        

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